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Now we get to the interesting stuff, and one of our favourite subjects: dirty girls. Some girls are simply dirty. They have dirty minds. They are constantly thinking about their next lay. Some even bed several guys in a weekend. We've had feedback from some LocalShags members who say they've even slept with more than one man in a single night! Now, some people will be disgusted by this type of woman, but you need to realise that there are a lot more of this kind of woman than you might guess. Women have the same drives as men and some have much more desire. They can also satisfy those desires far more readily. Some people even refer to a class of girls, such as Omegle girls, who are perceived as 'easy'. We can't comment on that as we've never met any Omegle girls! However, the key thing to understand about dating a dirty woman, is not to get attached to her. She will not stay with you: that's not her nature. Rather, use her just as she will use you... for loads of fun!

Can You Handle Naughty Girls?

When dealing with a naughty girl, remember that you should not appear as needy. This will be a turn-off for her and she will drop you like a hot potato. You need to make it clear that she is just one of many options you have on the go. Sound crazy telling a woman that you are seeing other women? Well, remember, this is a naughty girl. She's not the one you marry. She wants to feel that you are a man, that other women want you. There is no harm in letting her know you play around. It will usually make her want you more. As we've touched on above, you must harden your heart when dealing with this kind of woman. Just as she shouldn't start to fall for you, you should not let emotions enter you heart. You will end up getting burned. But, if you stick to just sleeping with each other, you'll have the best sexual experiences of your life with no fall-out. One final word of warning: beware of women who pretend to be a naughty girl for a night or two before springing the 'relationship trap'. That's a chapter for another day...

Easy Women Can Be Wild

We love local girls at! Not a big surprise perhaps... There's nothing better than that girl next door who is hot in a very ordinary and accessible kind of way. They are often the best lay too. helps you meet the local girls in your area who are looking for a good time. let's be clear: we are talking about girls who may be a little wild (or they wouldn't be on this site!). Have you ever seen the film 'Girl Next Door'? if not, it's about a guy who hooks up with a girl who lives on the same road, he got his local shag, will you get yours?

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