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How Many adult contacts do you have in your mobile phone? This is a very personal question but it really separates the men from the boys. Ever had a friend who always seemed to have an f-buddy constantly on the go - a friend with benefits who he just saw for no strings fun? Ever wondered why you never manage to pull off this amazing feat? Read below to understand why...

Guide To Meeting Adult Contacts

Building up your adult contacts list is a game. It takes swagger, and it takes confidence. You need to be persistent in chasing your goals. This is not to say you should act desperate. This is a massive no-no. But, you should approach every situation with a single woman as an opportunity. Sometimes, even if you aren't attracted to her, practise your moves on her and see if you could have had her. Then move on. Adult personals sites are a great place to do this. People want instant gratification and you can talk to another member and very quickly assess their compatibility. Remember, you can never have too many options. Message a load of members on the site, chat to them, exchange pics and more. Keep running game like this, and you'll start noticing you get results.

Why Adult Personals Work

Adult personals sites are great for adding to your adult contacts list. With a few clicks you can be chatting to members looking for no strings adult meets just like you. Many of our members have multiple contacts they make booty calls on - a nice position to be in! At, you can search for women or men who share your preferences too. Like giving more than receiving? You'll be popular! You can search for profiles who share your bedroom desires.

Friends With Benefits

Ok, so you've got a big adult contacts list. How do you play the 'friends with benefits' game? This is a very sensitive question. There is an unwritten rule book when it comes to no strings fun amongst f-buddies. You need to understand the rules of the game or you'll never be invited to play again. Above all, remember it's just about having fun. Treat your adult contacts as assets - assets that you use each to their strengths. Not every one of the f buddies you meet on LocalShags will be up for a meetup every night. That's why you need to build a large community of adult contacts so that you always have one who is up for it on any given night. This is the secret to success. Don't ever stop because you're getting it from one of them... Think of yourself as a collector - you always need more. And before you know it, you'll find you are never home alone again.

Fancy No Hassle LocalShags?

Are you, like many others, beginning to see the pointless hassle of dating? Why date if you just fancy a shag? It wastes your time and it's not what you're after. So many people now are finding that they can just jump online and meet someone for a quick shag without putting in as much effort as you might be used to. So many people have come together in their desire to meet for a root and make it something easy, there's no need to date for weeks or even months just to get under the sheets, our members are all similar in that they all ask the same question 'Why Wait?' So join us now and meet members who want a no hassle shag today!