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Some of our members at LocalShags really do love to feed back about their dirty dates with other members from the site. Members update their dirty diaries on a regular basis. You'd be shocked at what goes on, and it can get a little erotic, so don't read below if you are the faint-hearted type...

Dirty Stories From Real Members

Cleo, 31, It's funny to me that all of my female friends are goody-twoshoes types. They would probably call me a slapper if they knew what I get up to with men. My last date was with a guy from LocalShags who for some reason brought his friend along. At first I was irritated, as I wanted to sleep with the guy I was meeting (we'd met once before and there was good chemistry). But as the three of us had a few drinks, my date's friend put his hand on my leg a few times and I realised they wanted to do both do me at the same time. I'd never done that before, which was enough to make me want to try it! We went back to my date's place and got it on pretty much as soon as we got through the door. I loved every minute of it, and the two of them were just about enough to satisfy me. My date wanted to film it, but I said no - don't want my friends finding out LOL'

Alex, 41, My best date from the site was a little surreal. I'd been flirting with a pretty brunette who had an amazing figure. We'd done some live chat on the site and then exchanged numbers, and she'd sent me some pic messages of her in a very revealing fancy dress outfit. I kept thinking about her for the next few days and I would get turned on when I looked at the photos she'd sent. In the end I messaged her that I had to have her. She surprised me by agreeing instantly! We went for drinks in my local bar, and got on like a house on fire. We flirted and kissed a couple of times. As the bar closed, she said she wanted to come back to my place. When we got there, she took off her dress instantly and she was wearing no underwear! We went at it like animals through the night, and I was late for work the next day. But it was worth it ;)'

Samantha, 27, 'I got married at 19, which was a mistake, as by 26 we had grown apart and are now divorced. I get quite aroused almost every day and it had started to build up after 6 months without a man! A friend told me about LocalShags, and I decided to try it. A few men were a little bit too forward when contacting me, but I got chatting to a guy near me who was flirty but not too vulgar. We eventually met for dinner, and despite me promising myself I'd not sleep with him on the first night, like I said I was pretty much gagging for it by then! After a couple of glasses of wine, I was rubbing my foot against his crotch under the table, and when he suggested I follow him in to the toilet, I agreed. I hadn't had a 'quickie' in public since I was a teenager and the fear of getting caught made me so excited that I climaxed within a couple of minutes! We went back to the table and got a few funny looks from the staff, but I didn't care. I've met the guy a few times since and it's been fun every time.'

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