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Like most men, I love a little bit of casual fun every now and again to spice things up and keep life interesting and in my experience, the best way to meet easy girls is through online dating sites. When you're chatting online, there's a mutual understanding that you're both there for a bit of fun with no desire for any of the usual drama that comes with local dating. This is shag dating; pure and simple. The girls are just as up for it as we are and they know exactly how to heat things up with their naughty ads and dirty chat - who could ask for more?

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When you're browsing through loads of adult personals and looking for the right girl to catch your eye, you'll be shocked at the number of women who're looking for a bit of naughty fun online too. There are so many local singles wanting to chat that you'll find it easier than ever to make a web of adult contacts that you can call on when you're in need of a little fun! The online girls know you're there to find a naughty encounter rather than the love of your life and so they love to dial up the dirty factor in their naughty ads and really get your heart racing!

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If you're looking for an easy shag but are fed up with the wining and dining that goes hand-in- hand with the dating scene, you'll do a lot worse than signing up to these dating sites and seeing what's on offer. Now they see just how many friends with benefits I've hooked up with over the years, my mates are desperate to find out my dating secrets and start picking up dirty girls for themselves. I tell them the same thing I'm telling you - you've got to put yourself out there online and start getting friendly with all the adult personals. It's a tried and tested strategy - get involved!

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Are you, like many others, beginning to see the pointless hassle of dating? Why date if you just fancy a shag? It wastes your time and it's not what you're after. So many people now are finding that they can just jump online and meet someone for a quick shag without putting in as much effort as you might be used to. So many people have come together in their desire to meet for a root and make it something easy, there's no need to date for weeks or even months just to get under the sheets, our members are all similar in that they all ask the same question 'Why Wait?' So join us now and meet members who want a no hassle shag today!